Note from the Director of NLA

Hello and thank you for visiting the New Light Academy website. I want to assure you that New Light Academy will start in the Fall of 2023, LORD willing. We are currently working hard to put together a curriculum. This curriculum revolves around Pre-Algebra to Algebra Two to World History. We will offer our students courses on the Constitution, Logic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and World History. Our world history course will be based on the works of Thomas Sowell. We can't wait for you to join us for the Fall 2023-2024 school year. Thank you and God bless! (8/20/22)

What would you do to have more control and peace over what your child learns from 6th to 12th grade; or who is guiding their heart and mind in the most vulnerable and impressionable years of their life? After all, you only get one shot to educate your child. How about the time you spend with your child? What if your child could complete their homework and classwork by 12:30 PM each day (if they work hard, they could finish their work before Friday for a three day weekend or if they work really hard they could have a four day weekend)? How much more time could you spend with them?

What sport, musical instrument, or craft could your child start mastering sooner than if they went to a traditional government school? How about if your child could engage in a two hour Civic Leadership Academy for two hours in the afternoon each day? What if your child could learn what is right and wrong without a teacher making them believe that morality is a cultural conundrum? What if your child had the opportunity to form a reservoir of knowledge, wisdom, and virtue from gaining access to their dynamic American heritage?

New Light Academy welcomes you to the world of classical Christian thought. Where students study in our in-person mentor facility. Trained and dedicated mentors guide, support, and tutor students in their academic work. This academic work aims at the highest virtues and is for all people, excluding none, because all humans need to know what the good is. New Light Academy partners with an online public charter school, South Carolina Preparatory Academy. This online school offers a classical curriculum, meaning students will think about the great conversations of human nature, the purpose of life, and the highest forms of familial, commercial, and civic virtue. Students can also earn college credit through dual enrollment.

Regardless of your child's professional, technical, or educational career choices after high school, they will have accomplished three things after growing up with mentors at New Light Academy:

  1. Excelled in the highest traditions of literature and history in the classical Christian and Western world.

  2. Strengthened and fortified their understanding of the good, true, and beautiful.

  3. Passed the torch of liberty to all generations around them.

At New Light Academy, mentors and teachers put light in your child's academic path, so students learn to discover the wonders of prudence, wisdom, and the character virtues that has proven to build heroes and heroines. Our students learn to love to feed their natural human desire for knowledge, truth, goodness, and the beautiful; without having to be insulted by educational fads and schemes that withhold and stall their learning potential in the sticky webs of moral relativism and bureaucratic administrations?

Here, students truly practice the moral virtues by habitually studying great works of history, Western literature, formal grammar, math, and the natural sciences; all the while having mentors that check in on them all through out their academic day. These mentors perpetuate intellectual, civic, and moral virtues that students are naturally prone to imitate when they get in a virtuous and structured environment. We provide an academic atmosphere, full of routines, schedules, agendas, and procedures that promote independence and responsibility for all students and mentors.

New Light Academy teaches students to love the right things, as they absorb a variety of great truths from their teachers and by observing their mentors, learning imitate a love for the good, true, and beautiful. Of course, imitation is only the beginning. We meet each student at their proximal zone of development to enable and enhance their ability to grapple with their academics independently. Our ultimate goal in educating your child is to equip their arsenal of thinking skills with the right things so they can liberate themselves from ignorance, allowing them to be beholden to nobody after they graduate. All students may grow at their own pace, but all will complete their courses.

At New Light Academy students are exposed to people who wrote beautiful works that displayed the power and force of reason through their written and spoken word. Imagine a facility where theory of evolution and cultural Marxism could be fairly represented by people who espouse those ideas with other great thinkers who believed differently, like Aristotle, John Locke, Francis Bacon, and the great Thomas Sowell?

At New Light Academy, students will have an opportunity to engage in group activities in a two hour Civic Leadership session. Middle school students and high school students will be separated between sessions so students can socialize with people their age. Students will build timeless memories with friends who grow to love the same things that have transformed and advanced human civilization. Sessions are full of carefully planned hands-on-activities and games to reinforce the wisdom within Constitutional studies, the moral imagination, and cultural reasoning skills, after each academic day.

For any student in between the 6th and 12th grades, this mentoring program is a recreation based operation, focusing on face to face interaction with each student to develop their knowledge, virtue, oratory, and writing skills in the area of civics, economics, history, geography, and culture from a biblical standpoint.

Overall, New Light Academy will develop your child’s skills and civic knowledge to be a moral and virtuous citizen to the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The second part of the program, the Civic Leadership academy is available to students attending in public school, private school, and charter school. However, to get the full flavor of the skill building activities, students are highly encouraged to enroll into the online classical academy.

New Light Academy sees two main needs for his community in the new post-COVID world. The first is to call youth in Lexington/Richland counties to Christ. Second, is to enlist, engage and equip those young people with the tools they need to be effective for truth and justice in their generation.

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