Song of the Week

Each week Adam uploads one of his favorite hymns to share with his viewers.  Praise the Lord, praise ye the LORD.

Adam's Current Bible Reading

Adam loves to share what book of the Bible he is studying.  If there is a question that you have about the Bible, email Adam personally.  

A Qualified Track Record

Bible Certificate

In 2017 Adam graduated from Ambassador Baptist College with a Certificate in Bible.  This shows Adam's tenacity to set a goal and finish what he starts.  Adam worked multiple jobs over several years to pay his own way to get a Bible certificate.  

Bible Diploma

While Adam was earning his Bible Certificate from Ambassador Baptist college, he attended a Bible college for three years through correspondence, Faith Bible Institute.  Adam graduated from FBI in the same semester he earned his Bible Certificate.  During this time, Adam also took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace university class, enrolled and completed an Accounting Specialist certificate from Midlands Technical College's Continuing Education program, all the while teaching Sunday school, preaching at rescue missions, ministering at his church's bus ministry, and on occasion preaching at a senior living home, while working two full time jobs at Chick-fil-A and the Hilton hotel in Downtown Columbia.  

(This picture shows a completion certificate, but the diploma was awarded at a later date in which no picture captured the moment.) 

Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies

Adam completed three years worth of electives about foundational doctrines in the Bible; covering Eschatology, Creationism, Angels, and Biblical Leadership. Adam earned his Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies in 2018.

Bachelors of Arts in Middle Level Teaching with a focus in Social Studies and Science

Adam's journey at USC began in 2006. He promised his grandfather he'd graduate but dropped out of college in 2010 because he wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ and the Bible.  Adam returned to USC in 2019 to fulfill his promise to his grandfather. In the spring of 2022, he graduated and earned his degree.  Papa, this one is for you.  

Adam did what he had to do to pay the bills, working two full time jobs at the Hilton as a bellman and a team member at Chick-fil-A.

Academically Competent

Test scores from the Praxis Educator Examination

Experience in instructing, advising, and mentoring.

Sunday School class using Answers in Genesis curriculum.  Adam loves to engage young people with science and a biblical approach to Creation.  

Before COVID-19, Adam preached at Oliver Gospel Rescue Mission from 2015 to 2020. Adam got to preach at OGRM in January 2022 for a special session.  He was happy to be asked to return to preach again.

Adam's heart was truly blessed when he could mentor, teach, and invest into young people at his church's bus ministry. 

Adam is always heartfelt when he shares God's Word with the Greatest Generation at his local retirement community every other week with his wife and new born daughter.  

Here is what Adam's coaching teacher and students had to say about him.

MR. Alexander (Coaching Teacher)








D'asia & Mariah

Currently, Adam is completing free online courses at Hillsdale college, studying works by David Barton from Wallbuilders and Rick Green with Patriot Academy, and working with local residents to become more involved in the local county, town, and school governments. 

During his time at the University of South Carolina, Adam was able to complete fifteen Hillsdale Online courses.  He is working on completing several more in 2022. 

Adam is very happily married to Dorcas Mahdavi since 2019. They given birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl, Phoebe Amaris Mahdavi this past Spring.  They are currently living in the Midlands, and attends church in  Lexington.