This mentoring program is open to all students of Lexington & Richland counties in South Carolina.

This mentoring program is open to homeschool, public, private, and charter school students in the Lexington or Richland counties. 

While this mentoring program for youth is designed around the South Carolina Preparatory Academy, every student from any schooling program can participate at no cost to the parent.  

Information about the South Carolina Preparatory Academy is below and is strongly recommended as an alternative to the public schools. SC Prep is strongly recommended as an alternative educational option.  Nevertheless, this mentoring program is a call to holiness and will counter many cultural and transformational ideologies permeating teacher preparation programs and public government schools.  Adam aims to help all students to straighten their path to please the Lord in all their ways, acting as a servant-leader to all students in his program to engage, enlist, equip them with the language, skills, and purpose to overcome evil with good, truth, and God's Word.

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Testimonies from those within The South Carolina Preparatory Academy.

 In order to give primary stakeholders (parents) choice about their child's education, Adam is stepping out in faith to get the interest of at least 20 children in his community to receive a quality education and excellent social interaction through local .  

It is Adam's desire to team up with The South Carolina Preparatory Academy and the Restoration Project Foundation to provide South Carolina's treasured youth a better and fuller classical education as their mentor.   Please consider a classical education for your child, today.

It is important to note that Adam Mahdavi neither works with nor is affiliated in any way with Restoration Project Foundation since this is only an interest start up site.  

What does it mean to be a mentor?

In addition to highly qualified instructors through The The South Carolina Preparatory Academy, Adam is dedicated to assisting your child with their academic understanding, knowledge, and achievement while they are enrolled in the online free charter school, the Academy.  Adam will routinely address your child's questions and learning in an auxiliary function.  In this way, not only is this program offering high quality classical education, but also a tutor and mentor to fill in the academic and social gaps that are important to every student.

Adam has had experience working with youth since 2014 and holds a Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of South Carolina. He is anticipating becoming a state certified teacher in the summer of 2022.  Adam did his student teaching at Irmo Middle school and Crayton Middle school.  Check out Adam's sample work on the Association of Middle Level Education (AMLE) standards, available to see at the home page. 

Adam would also be mentoring your child's social and recreational life.  If your child wants to play a particular sport or learn how to perform a civic task or duty, the PRF would provide the means for Adam to supervise that activity at least twice a week.  Students could team up in pairs or groups to play a certain sport, attend a recreational facility to which Adam would more than willing to superintend.  (This is another reason to recruit your child's friends to join The South Carolina Preparatory Academy)